Self help books anyone?

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This query came about when I was thinking about asking if anyone has good book recommendations for home organization methods. I started going through Amazon Books and adding stuff to my wish list. As I’m looking at organizing books, I see that others who have purchases said organizing book have also bought these other books. So, of course I start looking at those books too. Now, I’m looking at books on connection and self acceptance. Not a big deal itself, but I share the Amazon account with my husband and hope that he doesn’t think I have other issues that he doesn’t already know about, when he next logs on and see the recently viewed items or suggestions. I was considering adding those non-organization books to my wish list, because, can’t we always work on how we feel about ourselves? This leads me to my main questions:

Does anyone here have self help book shame (maybe I really do need those self acceptance books!)? I have no shame, if I’m the only one seeing the pile of self help books on my shelf. It’s when someone else comes over and starts browsing the shelves that I feel like I’m bearing all of my insecurities right there.

When I pause to think and not react, I think that people who recognize a need in their lives or who are always engaged in healthy curiosity about finding a better way are to be commended. Books are a great way to get such info and ideas. Plus, as our lives change, our needs change and it’s helpful to recognize those needs and fill them. If we don’t get on it, who will?

So, without shame, I’d love to know what home/life organizing books people love or really any self/life/home improvement books that have helped you.