Taking Time For You

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Hi Busy Bees,

The Your Time to Get Fit article, that Laura sent out this week, really got me thinking about how many of us take any time for ourselves. So, Busy Bees, what do you do to nourish yourself?

Maybe you are like me and do not currently do anything at all. I used to be a runner and will be a runner again, hopefully a little after these two babies in my belly come out into the world. However, I’m not doing that now and is going for a run 3 times a week even enough time to keep me balanced and in my happy place so that I can be productive and present for all of the people in my life? Probably not.

So, what do I need to do to take care of myself? What do you need? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because life has seemed hectic and like I’m rushing from one to-do to the next. A parent recently reminded me that we don’t get any of these days back. It’s true, my son will never be 3 again and I want to enjoy life’s moments.

To me, enjoying life’s moments means being present and choosing to have gratitude. We can’t be grateful for everything, but we can strive to be grateful in every moment. This is a lot easier for me when I’ve taken time for myself and started my day on the right foot. It’s about finding balance in a busy life.

So, the big questions comes back to: How do we find balance? What do we each need in order to live life making healthy choices that nourish ourselves physically, mentally & spiritual? In order to do that, we need to make the time to center ourselves, breathe and reflect. Maybe it’s 10 min of exercise for you or 10 min of meditation. Whatever it is, it should be routine and intentional. Everyone around you will reap the benefits of the time that you choose to take for yourself – so don’t feel guilty!

Here are some ideas to get us thinking:

What do you currently do or what would you like to do for YOU time? or what do you do to enjoy the little moments in life?



Self help books anyone?

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This query came about when I was thinking about asking if anyone has good book recommendations for home organization methods. I started going through Amazon Books and adding stuff to my wish list. As I’m looking at organizing books, I see that others who have purchases said organizing book have also bought these other books. So, of course I start looking at those books too. Now, I’m looking at books on connection and self acceptance. Not a big deal itself, but I share the Amazon account with my husband and hope that he doesn’t think I have other issues that he doesn’t already know about, when he next logs on and see the recently viewed items or suggestions. I was considering adding those non-organization books to my wish list, because, can’t we always work on how we feel about ourselves? This leads me to my main questions:

Does anyone here have self help book shame (maybe I really do need those self acceptance books!)? I have no shame, if I’m the only one seeing the pile of self help books on my shelf. It’s when someone else comes over and starts browsing the shelves that I feel like I’m bearing all of my insecurities right there.

When I pause to think and not react, I think that people who recognize a need in their lives or who are always engaged in healthy curiosity about finding a better way are to be commended. Books are a great way to get such info and ideas. Plus, as our lives change, our needs change and it’s helpful to recognize those needs and fill them. If we don’t get on it, who will?

So, without shame, I’d love to know what home/life organizing books people love or really any self/life/home improvement books that have helped you.

Welcome to our newsletter!

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Hi Busy Bees,

Laura and I have been talking about getting a newsletter together since we joined up as the Busy Bees organizers. We wanted a place to share parenting topics, organization tips, recipe ideas, etc. Mostly, we wanted to create a space where we could all come together and have discussions in a way that works with our busy lives.

Stay tuned as we get our site up and running! Please add tips, topics you’d like to discuss, tell us what’s going on with your family – anything! We do ask that you keep all private PMC club info and event dates, etc to the private forum at the PMC website.

We look forward to the connections and brilliant thoughts you all share to come.


–Erin & Laura